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    Let Me Know is an effort to connect the youth to the best opportunities. Breaking the information barrier. Finally.
    We have moved to www.letmeknow.in
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23 Responses

  1. great work i thank u very much

  2. Thank you sir. Such a blog is really helpful. Keep up the good work.

  3. Really cool blog !!!
    Keep the gud work…

    Btw i too run a blog called


  4. A very helpful and user-friendly site…..
    one of the most infomative and up to dated indian site i have seen..
    Keep up the gud wrk!!!!!
    Wish u all success!!!!!!!


  5. Hi all..
    letmeknow is a very helpful and innovative site to keep us up2date with the latest student stuff…
    Design and user-friendliness are excellent..
    Really helped me to keep myself up2dated wth the latest inturns ..in fact,got me 1 😉

    Thank u so much

  6. Great site, found out about a plethora of summer fellowship and research programs from here….
    keep up the good work !

  7. Gr8 work guys. I got many responses for my UI intern job posting. Keep up.


  8. Its really a good site… I just wanna to know do you have any subscription programe where I can have access to Rss feeds

  9. @Rajesh-

    You can use Blog Readers like Google Reader to Subscribe for the RSS Feeds. Other wise clicking on the link given will give you an option stating “Subscribe to RSS Feed”. From there you can have access to the RSS feeds.

  10. I got to know about the Web Design contest at Techno India through this website, We won 2nd prize 🙂

    Good job guys!

  11. Brilliant Work..
    Helped me find my intern..
    Thanks a lot!


  12. Good and very informative, great work

  13. a really noble work….first time in india ..that is that much updated and effiecient….i thank to all who r involved in update and maintainance.. of this website

  14. This is great job people! I came to know about this site recently. It would be great if you find ways to spread it!

  15. @Prashant

    Can u suggest ways to spread the word about Let Me Know which will help in the long run? (Of course, avoiding spamming)

  16. nice collection.. seems like a one-spot for everything that students willing to do something need… great work.. 🙂

  17. Looking for the creativity you have created for the tsudents is fantastic .LET ME KNOW help us very much and i think you will try to imrove it more by the commentds which i have submitted .I congrates all the members to help us by bringing these opportunities to us .

  18. ThanX great work

  19. i myself am an Fedora ambassador and was drawn to the site on the post about the Fedora Scholarship , …… a good site , ….. will help a lot of people in the long run , ……………… one very important thing that can be added to the site is a section providing , suggestions for education , ……. this would add a lot more functionality to the site , … i don know whether i should have said this in the other section , ….. but i am straight away adding a link to ” Let me know ” on my blog , ……. great work guys , …….. i am ready to lend my hand if u ever need help !!! , …
    i am a 3 year student pursuing my graduation in Comp Science at VIT , Vellore , …..

  20. Iam really finding this site very usefull,lot of news are being given which is very helpfull

    continue this

  21. this is just a great site…………a site full of informations which gives an easy way to grab the opportunities……….thanx for making such a good site……..all the best………

  22. Am now a part-time writer with ‘We Flap’.
    Thanks, cause it was you who Let Me Know…

  23. Congrats Shrey. Great to know that you will be writing for We Flap.

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