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    Let Me Know is an effort to connect the youth to the best opportunities. Breaking the information barrier. Finally.
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As you know, Let Me Know is an effort to connect the best candidates to the best opportunities (beyond jobs) in India. Breaking the information barrier. Finally.

We are seeking to build a volunteer team of graduate and undergraduate students across majors and interests. As a member of this team, you could be leading our search for opportunities under Cul-Fests, Tech-Fests, Biz, Lit, Geek, Gyaan, Volunteer or Internships.

The person joining us will bring demonstrated commitment and enjoy finding opportunities for himself/herself while helping students across the country.

We are currently looking for bloggers to write about opportunities in Lit and Volunteer categories.

We are also interested in bloggers from the commerce and law disciplines.

If you would like to be part of this collaborative effort, mail us at letmeknowblog at gmail dot com.


69 Responses

  1. Great help for students looking for an internship offer.

  2. this is a very good website i am very thankful to know about this

  3. Hi I m Rajeev Ranjan from Gont. Engg. College Bikaner ,i have just saw ur website let me know and founded that it is quite beneficial for engg. students who want to participate in fests.This is the place from where a student will know what is going around in all leading engg. colleges in india.
    I want to be part of such an effort……. I want to know the rules and regulations for joining…….
    I really appreciate ur effort….all the best!!!!

  4. This site is really putting its hard effort for collection of all important and informative data
    and giving a right platform for exchange of knowledge and college culture …for all engineering students ….i like its approach…

  5. Great job guys.It will be my honor if you let me join and support the cause.

  6. very good website for students interested in participating in technical seminars

  7. i have visited this site and am a student of mmmec, gorakhpur
    this is a site which helps us in remaining in contact with the latest happenings and know how of the various activities.

  8. hey
    i like ur efforts to let students all over know abt the various coll fests
    i been through a similar problem of searching abt the fests on the net n nespapers..
    i appreciate ur efforts n would also like to be a part of ur approach….

  9. very good website for students interested in participating in technical seminars……This site is really putting its hard effort for collection of all important and informative data
    and giving a right platform for exchange of knowledge and college culture …for all engineering students ….i like its approach…

  10. lots of kudos to this team .guys u hav done an excellent job!!!!!!

  11. Excellent site!

  12. The site is great i found about the IIT Madras internship in a jiffy without any problems

  13. hi this hopes to be a big hit n most important that you organise it in an efficient manner so that people like us will use it as excellently as possible

  14. Sir:

    Thank you very much for starting this unique website, which cuts across all the colleges and provides valuable information at one place (like one-stop shopping). I came to know about your website while I was searching for our Technex program on Google. Hope more colleges will join with you.

    May I suggest the following to make the site even more useful?

    1) Apart from months and program names, please also provide direct link college-wise. That was a student/alumnus can know about all the activities of his alma-mater at one place. (Although he can also use the search function)

    2) After a prgram or festival is over, you may also provide a link for reading the news or report about the event. Of course, some one from the college should volunteer for providing necessary info to you.


    Yogesh K Upadhyaya
    Chemical Engineering 1977
    IT-BHU, Varanasi.

  15. Yogesh – Thanks for your comment and suggestions.

    Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to cover news reports on each event. However, we would welcome organizers or those who attended events to share these links as comments on the relevant posts.

    We have not sorted the opportunities by university because many universities have only 1 post. Also – a number of opportunities are organized by corporate organizations or non-profits. As you pointed out, the easiest method would be to use our Search feature at the top of our sidebar.

  16. It is really wonderful and exciting to have such a website especially from students like you, its benefit is unimaginable. Keep it up. I will publish it as the one of the event of the year.

  17. It is good to have a site that provides enthusiastic students access to upcoming technical fests and workshops, seminars and internship opportunities.

  18. hi ,
    i think this is really good place to introduce new technologies and events.

  19. hey………..i like ur effort……it is very beneficial to engineering students….i know ur effort for “connecting minded students to their real opportunity “……..and i want to help you….i m also a engineering student in information technology branch….

  20. Hi I m Suryakant PAtil from NMIMS University, Mumbai, (PhD Computer Engg Student) I have foundthis website is useful for researchers as well as academitians to participate in events/confs.
    I want to join this … plz let me know

  21. hi im pawan this help me alot gud 4 those looking 4ward opportunity

  22. this website is very nice to help me to
    getting my desirable information.

  23. sir…

    this is a great approch….today i m visiting this site first time..and origanally.. i want to b the regular visiter…

    i also want to join the team….can u do me favour….

    i m waiting for ur response….


  24. keep it up! 🙂

  25. amazing dude ….. way to go!

  26. very helpful website for student ……..I llove it..

  27. good experience

  28. wow! its simply gr8!
    very helpful n infrmativ apprch! kip goin!

  29. Ravi S. Mumbai, (BCA-IGNOU)

    Very Informative. Motivational.
    Keep it up.

  30. sir…

    this is a great approch….today i m visiting this site first time..and origanally.. i want to b the regular visiter…

    i also want to join the team….can u do me favour….

    i m waiting for ur response….


  31. hi!
    i am priyadeep, an engineering student.

    i was looking for internship programs when i got to know about this site. it has really helped me a lot.

    can i get regular updates regarding the same on my mail…?

  32. Priyadeep- Thanks for your comment. Thats a great suggestion.

    One option is to sign up for our RSS feed. We’re also working on creating an e-mail newsletter

  33. hi
    i am veershety k kamanna
    student of social work deptt.
    Gulbraga university

    this website is very useful for all research student and other social science student.and also looking for good opportunity.
    Thank you

    veershetty k

  34. hi…
    this site is lookin gud for students who are interested in taking opportunities in student life>>>>
    but m confused sir that m not getting much help…
    i want to do my summer training or say summer internship in delhi…bt not getting any satisfying company or institute…
    please help me..

    m 2nd yr ece student of vit university,vellore…

  35. just wondeful place to get aware about tecnical fests

  36. tis site looking good for student who are intersted in taking opportunities in student life……………

  37. really of a great help for all the technical students. its an honour to be a part of such a worthy body.

  38. wonderful ..this is really gr8

  39. this is very useful i love it…..

  40. Gr8 work ….

    Can I help u … ?

  41. glad to see dt something like this exists!! love wat u have on fests…great help…

  42. hi.. have just finished with 1st year in lsr college delhi university ..am doing a B.A honours course in english..
    want to know if i can be a part of any program in any possible way..

  43. @Jayati
    Great to hear your interest in being part of Let Me Know. We will get back to you at the earliest.
    Till then please contribute through https://letmeknow.wordpress.com/suggest-an-opportunity/

  44. This site is an ultimate guide for Engg. Students…..
    Good work….. keep it up

  45. gr8 work guys
    lookin forward 2 be part of ur team

  46. brilliant endeavour

  47. awesome site folks..keep it up 🙂

  48. Hey guys

    A wonderful concept. Making the informal communication channel, that exists in almost every college into something so real and concrete, something that crosses borders and gives everyone a fair chance of hearing about anything new that is happening is just brilliant.

    I’m a final year student pursuing my major in Marketing, BBM in Christ College, Bangalore and after spending a few hours on this blog, i realized that due to your engineering background this blog is very tech-centered. Here is where i feel that i could add some value to the team, by brining in some sort of non-tech focused, business related information.

    I feel this would add value to your core offering, and help you – help more students across a wider spectrum of disciplines.



    P.S – get in touch 🙂

  49. Its just awesome!!!

  50. excellent site to keep the young engineers aspired and updated about all latest scopes made to them…………really benificial for hardworking students……..waiting for a particular direction..

    Shantanu Bhattacharya
    2nd year E.C.E

  51. I m Deepak kumar from u.p. i am studing from niet college at G.Noida. I am alectrical engg. in B.Tech II year. so please more information about in kvpy schoolarship. please massege of my E mail I D

  52. @Deepak
    You can get more details from their website – http://www.iisc.ernet.in/kvpy/index.htm

  53. Hi
    student of social work Dr.MGR University
    this website is very useful for all research, social science and social work student.also looking for good entire opportunity to needy mankind like OASIS.

    Thanking you


  54. it is a good job….

  55. Hi
    I m Amit garg
    Lecturer in Vaish College of Engineering , Rohtak
    This website is very informative to get knowledge of various events , conferences in different parts of country.

  56. me from haldia inst of technology..intrestd in the zero hour contest 4 2009 fest

  57. I am a 4th year Engineering student of Aurora’s Technological and Research Institute, Hyderabad.

    I am a regular blogger. I review FOSS and analyse ways to use these technologies for student groups to improve learning and spreading knowledge. Recently I was chosen as an author for a techblog diggitlive.com. I am an active member of the IEEE forum in our college and the webmaster of our college IEEE branch site. I love photography.

    I would like to be a part of Letmeknow.

    Thank you.

  58. i am monika frm jaipur.interested in major tech fest going arund country.let me know at my e-mail id

  59. @Monika
    We have email Subscription facility which u can use to get the events delivered right into u;r mail box. Please avail the facility- http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/emailverifySubmit?feedId=2032681&loc=en_US

  60. great site 4 those who aspire …….best being d one 4 internship & tech fest


  62. This site is really good.
    I think i can contribute to this site.
    It would be good if you let me join in.

  63. plz..let me know about the tech fest’s around the country

  64. this is very useful to every 1….

  65. very good website for all engineering students ….i like its approach…

  66. lot of kudos to all those guys who has made such site possible……i am a regular visitor of these web and now i think i should contribute a bit of my knowledge and experience with my friends……..i m a technocrats pursuing mah Btech from NIT jamshedpur….

    i think moderator should look forward towards me and post me necessary terms and condition for that….

  67. i m lucky to explore this site and will do furthur in future..plz let me knw the various tech fest in near future..
    abhinav sharma
    swami sarvanand giri
    punjab university regional centre

  68. its really great to know about this type of website, that is providing you many opportunities. i too want to join you guys so that it can help me to acheive my goal.

  69. Great Site !
    Keep up the good work

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