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Sparx ’08: Technical Fest, ISM University, Dhanbad

Suggested By Prabhu HariSparx-08

Event: Sparx 2008 (Website)

Organized By: IEEE Student Branch, ISM University, Dhanbad

Key Dates:
Fest: January 19-20, 2008
Deadline for Online Events Entries: January 3, 2008
Deadline for abstract submission of Papermeet: January 7, 2008

Sparx is the annual technical fest organized by IEEE Student Branch, ISM Dhanbad. It is organized with an aim to provide much needed technical platform to engineering students across the country to display their technical skills. By Sparx, the Student Branch is providing a technical platform of international repute under the proud banner of IEEE, the world’s most admirable society of electrical and electronics engineers. By Sparx the branch is trying to accomplish its dream of making a technically self-reliant India by its small but positive efforts.

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Entrepreneurship Summit 2008

Suggested by Prabhu Hari

E-CellEvent: The Entrepreneurship Summit 2008 (Website)

Organized By: E-Cell, IIT Bombay

Key Dates:
Deadline for submitting Executive Summary of VC Pitch: January 13, 2008
E-Summit: February 10, 2008

The Entrepreneurship Summit 2008, to be organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay would be a confluence of the Indian entrepreneurial community. The event intends to showcase the emerging Entrepreneurial ecosystem in India and aims to provide integrated support system in forms of funding, mentoring and networking opportunities.

VC Pitch: A great opportunity for the “Early-stage enterprises” to reach out to the Venture Capitalists, other investor communities and entrepreneurs. Entries (executive summaries of 5 pages each) are invited under the following categories:

  • IT, ITES, Mobile and Internet applications
  • Emerging technologies and new frontiers
  • Banking and Financial services
  • New Media and entertainment

Panel Discussions:
The panel discussion series aims to bring together the entrepreneurial community on a common platform to discuss the rapid change that the Indian entrepreneurial scene has undergone in the new millennium. It also aims to identify the factors that have contributed to this change and what needs to be done to sustain and accelerate it.

    • Emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem in India
    • Scaling up
    • How to adapt your business model in a changing business environment
    • Art of Starting up: when and how?
    Mentoring and networking: Get connected with like minded individuals and possible business partners and get expert advice to help your business.
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    HeadStart.in – Showcasing Products & Technology

    Suggested by Prabhu Hari

    HeadStart.InEvent: HeadStart.In, IISc Bangalore (Website)

    Organised By: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) – Bangalore and KickStart – an association of entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts in Bangalore.

    Key Dates: January 18-20, 2008

    Headstart is a showcase of most exciting products and technology in India – with a big difference. Unlike several existing showcase events that bring together VCs and Entrepreneurs together, Headstart and co-located Compute 2008 covers the entire innovation lifecycle in one place. This means participation from ALL the players in the innovation lifecycle: academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, marketers, large companies, venture capitalists and customers, which we believe is essential to accelerate the pace of innovation in India. . See the Agenda to find out how you can participate and benefit from this event.

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    Summer Research Fellowship Programme – 2008

    Suggested by Prabhu Hari

    Event: Science Academies’ Summer Research Fellowship Programme for Students and Teachers 2008 (Website)

    Organized By:
    1. Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore
    2. Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi
    3. The National Academy of Sciences, India, Allahabad

    Key Dates:
    Application Deadline: January 15, 2008
    Selection Information: Early March, 2008

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    Kshitij 2008: Techno-Management fest of IIT-Kharagpur

    Event: Kshitij 2008 (Website)
    Organised By: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

    Key Dates:
    Fest: January 31-February 3, 2008
    Registrations for Accommodations open.

    Kshitij is a techno-management fest conducted by IIT-Kharagpur with sponsors including Barclays Capital, Intel, Ceat, Google, SBI and Adobe.

    Kshitij hosts a galaxy of events aimed at boosting the technological and managerial skills inherent in today´s youth and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and thoughts. The events in Kshitij cover almost every thinkable domain in the field of technology and management.These form the heart and soul of the festival and seek to provide a common platform for the best brains to interact and nurture their seedling ideas transforming them into giant trees of innovation and progress. The events serve to inculcate the spirit of innovative thinking amongst the finest technical and managerial brains in the country.

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    Techfest 2008: Asia’s largest Technology Festival

    Event: TechFest 2008 (Website)IIT Bombay-Techfest 08

    Organised By: Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

    Key Dates: January 25-27, 2008
    (Registrations for many events are open)

    Techfest, the Annual International Science and Technology festival of IIT Bombay provides a platform for a confluence of students, academia and the industry. While the competitions at Techfest prove to be the ultimate test of grit, knowledge and skill, the lecture series and workshops will provide an enriching experience for the avid learners. Exhibitions along with Technoholix will showcase the recent breakthroughs achieved across the world. Whether you are an engineer in the making, a hardened professional or an experienced professor, events at Techfest will provide the ultimate adrenaline rush for every tech enthusiast.

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    Liberty & Society Seminar 2008

    CCSEvent: The Liberty & Society Seminar, Cochin (Website)

    Organised by:
    Centre for Civil Society

    Key Dates:
    Application Deadline: January 7, 2007
    Seminar: January 24-27, 2007

    For Whom:
    College students (18-25 yrs of age) may or may not be enrolled in an undergraduate / post-graduate program or recent graduates from any discipline. With an open and curious mind, loads of enthusiasm and a strong desire for change.

    The Liberty & Society Seminar is a four-day residential seminar with an aim to engage young people with social and economic issues through an understanding of public policy. LSS provides a greater understanding of the larger world-society, economy and the culture-within the classical liberal framework that emphasises limited government, rule of law, free trade, and individual rights.

    It makes you exercise your grey cells where YOU do the talking; get to know reality with your own eyes; watch documentaries; have interactive discussions with experts and chit-chat over coffee and food!

    LSS makes you an informed citizen, challenges your beliefs & develops critical thinking and makes you a change agent!

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