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Great Indian Developer Summit

Event: Great Indian Developer Summit (Website)Developer Summit

Venue: National Science Symposium Complex (NSSC),Bangalore

Key Dates:
Event :May 19-23,2008
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Sun Grand Challenge

Sun Grand ChallengeEvent: Sun Grand Challenge (Website)

Organized By:
Sun Club, DA-IICT

Key Dates: (Contest Calendar)
OpenOffice: Feb 20-22
Java: Feb 23-25
Googleable contest on Sun SPOTS: Feb 26-28
Sun Studio: Feb 29-Mar 2
OpenSolaris: Mar 3-5
Apache Derby: Mar 6-8
OpenPortal: Mar 9-11
Netbeans: Mar 2-14
Project Glassfish: Mar 15-17
Googleable contest on JavaFX and Jruby: Mar 18-20

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Code for Freedom

Suggested by Ashwin Bhat

Open SolarisSun MicrosystemsEvent: Code for Freedom Contest (Website)

Organised by: Sun Microsystems India

Key Dates:
Contest Period: August 15, 2007-February 14, 2008
Results: March 2008

For Whom:
You can participate in this contest if you are a student from a recognized university in India.

  1. Read the rules and the FAQs.
  2. Register for the contest.
  3. Choose your open source project and know how to contribute: (OpenSolaris,Project GlassFish, NetBeans, Apache Derby, OpenPortal)
  4. Join the http://groups.google.com/group/CodeForFreedom forum. You can post all your technical queries to this alias and participate in the Code For Freedom contest discussions.
  5. Once you have installed the software and compiled the source code, you can request for a mentor from Sun. The mentor will help you thru the rest of the code contribution process.
  6. Submit your contribution.
  7. For any non-technical queries on code for freedom contact codeforfreedom@sun.com

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