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$ 100,000 Ribbit Killer App Challenge Competition

Event: Ribbit Killer App Challenge

Organized By: TopCoder, Inc. and sponsored by Ribbit Corporation

Key Dates:
Registration may occur at any time from  November 17, 2008 to March 12, 2009.
The Competition will begin on November 17, 2008 and will end  on March 12, 2009

For whom:
The Competition is open to all developers. All Competitors must be registered members of TopCoder. (Register for Topcoder)

Ribbit’s Open Telephony Platform gives you direct access to the world’s first global, programmable phone company. And, they have  teamed up with TopCoder to find out what will happen when they put that power into the hands of the most creative Flash & Flex developers in the world.

With Ribbit, voice is now a programmable feature that is free from the traditional device. It can go anywhere… on a phone, on a webpage, inside email, and in an existing app. Voice can now live inside any environment including online communities or stores, CRM systems, call center applications, media properties – you name it.

This competition is a chance to show  developer’s stuff. Build a great app, have it reviewed by a panel of highly respected judges from around the industry, and can win big money in any of the five contest categories:

  • Media, Advertising and Entertainment – To win this category you need to captivate an audience and add unprecedented interactive value. (Category Details)
  • Social Networking and Communication – Give  a Web 3.0 preview with the best example of connecting people via open telephony. (Category Details)
  • Business and Productivity – Push business applications even further by bringing voice and rich communication features into the application workflow. (Category Details)
  • Carrier and Network Integration – Show the most innovative integration to an existing cable, carrier or mobile network. (Category Details)
  • Wildcard – Blow away by improving the usability of any device or interface (from vending machines to ticket kiosks). (Category Details)

Click here for Contest Rules:

For More details
Website:  http://killerappchallenge.ribbit.com/
Registration : Click here.


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