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CodePoint 2008 – Greenfoot Coding contest

CodePoint 2008 – Greenfoot Coding contest

Organized By:
University of Kent at Canterbury (UK) and Deakin University Melbourne (Australia), funded by Sun Microsystems.

Key dates:
Submissions have already started.
Last date for submission: November 30, 2008

For whom:

  1. Students under 16 years in primary or secondary school
  2. Students in secondary education with 16 + years
  3. University students and adults


What is Greenfoot?
Consider Greenfoot as a combination between a framework for creating two-dimensional grid assignments in Java and an integrated development environment (class browser, editor, compiler, execution, etc.) suitable for novice programmers. While Greenfoot supports the full Java language, it is especially useful for programming exercises that has a visual element. In Greenfoot object visualization and object interaction are the key elements.

More details can be found here.

For more Details:
Homepage: http://www.greenfoot.org/codepoint/

The Challenge

Invent an interesting Greenfoot scenario, implement it, and submit it to the Greenfoot Gallery. Submissions get scored in a number of categories (details below). The best submissions at the end of the competition win the prizes.

Rules and details

Please read the following rules carefully.

  • All contest submissions must have been created by the submitting author(s). All authors must be credited. Third party code must be clearly identified as such.
  • Submissions will be made into one of three categories:
    • school under 16 (pupils in a primary or secondary school under the age of 16) (to qualify for this category, participants must be under 16 years old on 15th Oct 2008)
    • school 16+ (students in the secondary education system at 16 years or over
    • beyond school (everyone out of the secondary education system, e.g. university students and other adults)
  • Submissions must be made to the Greenfoot Gallery. Contest participants must have a valid Gallery account.
  • Contest submissions must be tagged with a specific prescribed tag for the contest age category. The tags to be used are codepoint-08-under-16 / codepoint-08-school-16+ / codepoint-08-general
  • In each category, the first prize winner will win a Nintendo Wii games console; the runner-up entry wins an 8GB iPod Touch (or cash equivalents, if preferred).
  • Winners will be judged by a panel consisting of the main members of the Greenfoot development team. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondance will be entered into.
  • Submissions will be judged according to specific criteria. The judges will decide the winning entry by considering:

    • originality / creativity (Is the submission a new idea, or have we seen it before?
    • technical difficulty (How technically challenging is the implementation?)
    • quality (including quality of appearance/graphics; functionality; correctness)
    • entertainment value (How much does your entry amuse us? For games, this may be called ‘playability’. For simulations or other scenarios, this is ‘interesting-ness’)

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