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Kshitij 2009: Techno-Management fest, IIT-Kharagpur

Event: Kshitij 2009 (Website)

Organized By: IIT Kharagpur

Key Dates:
Fest: January 29- February 1, 2008

Kshitij is the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur. The fest aims to put students of all Engineering and Management Institutes under the common flag of free participation and free knowledge. During the fest, students get the break to intermingle and collaborate to conceive and execute ideas, plans and presentations. They are presented with an opportunity to use their skills and expertise in the fields of science, technology and management. Students share knowledge and information and also get a good amount of exposure to today’s fast moving and competitive world.

Kshitij ’08 was a huge success with about 3,500 outstation students coming in from different corners of the country. The creme de la creme were enthralled by thought-provoking speeches by Co- Founder of Wikipedia Mr. Jimmy Donal Wales, The father of Nano-Technology Mr. Eric Drexler , A world famous theoretical physicist and author of the bestseller ‘Physics of Star-trek’ ,Prof. Lawrence M. Krauss. There was also a video conference by Nobel Laureate in Chemistry for genetic information transfer from DNA to RNA, Prof. Roger D Kornberg. The participants were captivated by interactive guest lecture from Mr. Dilip Chhabria, the famous car designer. Inspiring and informative workshops were conducted on Rocketry, Microfinance, cryptology, kite modeling and carbon trading.

For more details:
Homepage: http://www.ktj.in/#home
Contact: admin@ktj.in

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  1. dude u people rock!!!!!!!!

  2. Excellent……..

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