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Grassroutes: A Unique Fellowship Program for Youth

Suggested by Keerthi KiranGrassroutes

Grassroutes Fellowship Program (Website)

Offered by: Youth Factor Community Welfare Society (YoFA)

Key Dates:
Application Deadline: November 15, 2008

For Whom:
All youth (under the age of 25)

Grassroutes is a movement that encourages youth to embark on road-trips, discover change-makers at the grassroots and understand first-hand the problems that plague our nation. From their journeys, these social journalists will bring back stories of ideas, inspiration and change, that we believe will get all of us thinking of ways in which we can do our bit. The program sponsors 6 teams of adventurous, passionate young people every year who will, on their return, serve as ambassadors of social change.

Advantages of being Grassroutes fellow:

  • Travel to a pre-decided location and spend a week there trying to research and understand the on-ground reality – the problem at hand, the non-profits, the change-makers and their actions, the community and the local government.
  • Play the role of social journalists and capture the stories of all the people involved in community development, and on your return, share them with the rest of the country.
  • Be an activist by lending a helping hand to the change-makers and use your skill-set to help the local community in your own little ways.
  • Serve as an ambassador for the non-profit after the road-trip and engage more people in your efforts to support the non-profit and its activities.
  • Complete the road-trip experience by exploring more sights and sounds around your place of stay. Yup, we’ll take care of the bills!

Application Procedure:
If you are one of them, YoFa will sponsor you and your team (4-6 members) on a 10 day road-trip that will give you the opportunity to discover change-makers, people, places, problems and possible solutions… and then, challenge you to find ways to do your bit.
3 teams will be selected for the winter season edition (December holidays, 2008).

To apply, please fill Part 1 and Part 2 of the Application Form.

For more details visit the site here.

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