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Techfest 2009- Technical Fest, IIT Mumbai

Event: Techfest 2009 (Website)  Techfest 2009

Organised by: Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Key Dates:

Fest Dates: 24-26 January 2009
Registrations for different events have already  started

Techfest is the Annual International Science and Technology Festival  organised by Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. Come January, fear will fall and courage will rise in a series of fierce battles, covering all fields from advanced circuitry to simple logic, with the best of the minds fighting it out for the coveted Techfest Trophy. All you need is the creativity and the courage to be pitted against the best, and you could be one of the warriors here. The stage is set and if you think you have it in you, then adorn your armour, sharpen your minds, unleash your ideas and get ready for the biggest showdown between the machines on a truly international stage.

Competitions at Techfest 2009 have been divided into six sections:

  • Prayaas: Continuing with its efforts for the advancement of science and technology in India, Techfest has ventured into the fields of life sciences and biomedical engineering.The main motive behind Elixir 2.0,a part of Prayaas is to get solutions that can be implemented in practicality.And for this noble initiative of getting implementable solutions in the field of life sciences and health care, it has come up with a prestigious international event Elixir 2.0. Some of the unique points of this event:The event has prize money of Rs 1,20,000.It is an international event:Experts from Johnson and Johnson would be helping for the implementation of the idea.The opportunities in store are many from patenting your solutions, getting fellowships, establishing start ups and many more.
  • Robowars: An intercollegiate event for the next generation of war machines.
  • Crypt-o-logic: Join the battle of codes and algorithms.
  • Dimensions: Find new dimensions to basic principles of science.
  • Techtronics: This section explores the technology required for creating an alternate to mankind: humanoids.
  • Xcelerate: From Formula-1 cars to high flying planes, tame the next generation of technological beasts as you race with time.

Techfest  is one of the Asia ‘s biggest festival. It has workshops,lectures & events that  are mind freaking & breath taking. People from all over the world come to participate. So please register yourself as soon as possible.

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