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Aranya 2008- Technical Fest, Thapar University

Suggested by Nitish Mahajan

Event: Aranya 2008 (Website)

Organised By: Thapar University

Key Dates:
Fest: October 16-18, 2008

Aranya is the annual technical festival organised by Thapar University. ARANYA 2008 would be the consortium of the best technical events ever on offer. The comprehensive events will saturate your intelligence and stimulate your imagination like never before. The highlights of the fest will be most revered evenings, beginning with ARATRIKA, a captivating display of lights by internationally acclaimed ‘FEEDING THE FISH’, glow jugglers from UK. The following STAR NIGHT with the ever-scintillating ‘JAL’ from Pakistan pledges to enthrall the audiences to new heights. The last night would be INQUIZITIVE, with a seasoned quizzer Mr. Barry O’Brien, testing your wits out.

The literary and management events are sure to give the intellectuals enough food for thought to chew for a lifetime. For those who prefer to live in the virtual world, IMMOLATION-the LAN gaming event would be the ideal getaway. For the very first time, they are introducing a 3-d movie in collaboration with the “Stray light Corp USA”

For More details visit here.

Overall Student Coordinator
Ph no: +919888090195

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