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Dragon Versus Hydra Coding Competition- Software Development in Java

Event: Dragon versus Hydra Coding Competition (Website)Dragon Vs Hydra Codind Contest

Organized By: N-BRAIN Inc.

Key Dates:
Application deadline: July 21, 2008
Contest Begins: August 4, 2008

For Whom:
More details on participation requirements here.

Hydra Versus Dragon competition is a software development competition which is a Reality TV-style battle between the world’s finest software developers. The Hydra Versus Dragon competition is the first spectator event in the history of software development competitions. The contest is designed to draw tens of thousands of viewers from around the world. Viewers can track the progress of their favorite teams in online episodes, delivered daily over the span of two weeks, and can rate teams to help determine the winner of the competition. These episodes will feature highlights from actual coding sessions, and will be narrated by industry veterans, who will discuss the approaches taken by the different teams.

To qualify, applicants must pass the Qualification Challenge (either alone or with their partner), or be chosen as a partner by an applicant who has passed the Qualification Challenge. More on Qualifying Challenge here. All qualifying contestants pair up and compete in teams of two. Teams compete in the Dragon style for one problem, and the Hydra style for a different problem. In the Dragon style, each team works to solve the problem using a single-user edition of UNA, communicating through e-mail, and using a shared version control repository. In the Hydra style, each team works to solve a different problem using the real-time collaborative edition of UNA, communicating using UNA itself.

Team submissions are passed through an automated test suite, then assigned a score based on the number of passing tests, the quality of the code, the time taken from contest start until program submission, and the rating given to the team by viewers of the competition.

More on Rules here.
More on Prizes here.
Event homepage.

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