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WIDER-MERIT Research Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Technological Innovation, and Development

Event: WIDER-MERIT Research Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Technological Innovation, and Development (Website)UNU

Organised By: UNU-WIDER and UNU-MERIT of the United Nations University (UNU)

Key Dates:
Submissions of paper abstracts before- May 30, 2008
Accepted papers are required by- September 22, 2008
Event Dates: October 30-31, 2008

Entrepreneurship can make an important contribution to development by providing technologies that improve people’s productivity and living standards. While the role of entrepreneurship in technological innovation has been widely studied in the context of advanced economies, less is known about entrepreneurship in developing economies. Of particular interest is the role of entrepreneurs in the quantity, quality, commercialization, and adoption of technological innovations in developing countries, and the implications thereof for economic growth, trade, poverty, and inequality. This joint workshop by the World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) and Maastricht Economic and social Research and training centre on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT) of the United Nations University (UNU) is intended as a platform for the discussion and promotion of research in this regard.

Workshop topics include:

– What is the role of entrepreneurship in technological innovation and acceleration of economic growth?How does this role differ between developed and developing countries?
– What kinds of entrepreneurship are most crucial for successful development?
– What incentive structures exist for entrepreneurs in developing countries and how are these determined by policies, institutions, finance and expectations?
– How do entrepreneurial practices differ between developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa?
– How do policies, institutions, financial factors, history, and geography impact on the riskiness of technological innovation?
– Are science parks, incubators, and university support networks for entrepreneurship appropriate models to stimulate entrepreneurial innovation in developing countries?
– How can microfinance be tailored to encourage entrepreneurial technological innovation?

Papers are invited on the workshop and related topics.

Note: There is no registration fee.

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