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engINdia.net- Online Resource for Student Engineers

Resource For Student Engineers: endINdia.net (Homepage)engINdia

engINdia.net is an online resource for student engineers. This site is a resource for numerous projects targetting challenges that face people in rural India.

engINdia exists to promote appropriate and sustainable engineering solutions in developing areas. The organization focuses on Pabal, Maharashtra, a rural village in India located 80 miles east of Mumbai. Pabal is home to Vigyan Ashram, an educational institution that focuses on rural technologies. The existence of Vigyan Ashram and Pabal’s proximity to Mumbai made it the perfect starting point for engINdia.

The Design Challenges posted on the site are project ideas created by the villagers of Pabal. The solution to each Challenge will alleviate a technological need in Pabal and help to increase the quality of life for the villagers.

Beginning of engINdia:
engINdia is a partnership between 6 students from the University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB). An expedition was conducted during the summer of 2005 to the area of Pabal, Maharastra. There, the engINdia team worked with Vigyan Ashram and the local community to gain an understanding and appreciation of the development issues faced by rural India which could be tackled through engineering.

During the expedition the team surveyed the attitudes of the local community and the rural technology available to the reigon. The team witnessed emerging, successful and unsuccessful development projects while conducting its own research.

The expedition was approved and partly funded by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) and officially recognized by Cambridge University.

Contributions of engINdia:

  • a resource for students who are looking for research projects that combine engineering and sustainable international development
  • a communication forum for students worldwide and a rural Indian community
  • a way for students and villagers to share information and opinions about engineering and sustainable development
  • a gateway for anyone to learn about the culture of rural India

Being Part of engINdia:

The following are some ways that one can help engINdia grow their international efforts:
1. work on a design challenge
2. donate your knowledge
3. Start Your Own Expedition
4. Donate your time
5. Make a monetary donation
6. Subscribe to their newsletter

Visit their Homepage for more details on Design Challenges and also plethora of resources.

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