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Renault F1 Internship programme – 2008

Program: Renault F1 Internship Programme – 2008 (Website)Altran

Organised By: Altran Engineering Academy.

Key Dates:
Deadline for Applications: May 15, 2008.
Announcement of Finalists: June 5, 2008.
Final Presentation: June 30, 2008 at Enstone(UK)

For Whom:
Applicants must be last-year students or recent graduates of a university or prestigious school specializing in science or technology.

Renault F1 Internship Programme is organised by Altran Engineering Academy. To enter the competition, candidates must submit a project, describing in 500 words a technological innovation in one of the following eight Formula 1 disciplines: aerodynamics, power-train, race and test engineering, design and analysis, vehicle dynamics, control systems and electronics, R&D of materials, transducers and test technology.Participants must be aged at least eighteen (18) years and legally able to sign a contract.

Participating in this competition, which every year attracts hundreds of young applicants from the best universities and schools worldwide, gives them a chance to share a thirst for challenge with Altran and the ING Renault F1 Team. While Formula 1 is primarily a sport and a show, it also provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the technological expertise of the ”people behind the scenes” – the mechanics and engineers – who work in tandem with drivers to achieve maximum performance.

Altran has been supporting the Renault F1 Team since 2002, providing talented engineers in a variety of specialities, including computation, information technology, electronics, logistics and quality control. They contribute their skills to chassis in Enstone, UK, and to engines in Viry-Châtillon, near Paris.

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