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International Conference on Entrepreneurship 2008 (ICE 2008)

Event: International Conference on Entrepreneurship 08( Website)

Organised By:ICE 2008
Faculty of Management and Muamalah, Selangor International Islamic University College, Malaysia

Key dates:
Conference: May 27-28, 2008
For paper presentation:
Deadline for submission of Abstract: March 30, 2008
Deadline for submission full paper: April 20, 2008

The International Conference on Entrepreneurship 2008 (ICE 08) approach focuses on the entrepreneurship research from theoretical and practical perspective using English, Arabic and Malays as the medium of presentations. This will provide the best avenue for the researchers all over the world. The ICE 2008 will also provide a platform for participants to coordinate their knowledge and expertise in monitoring, analyzing, assessing the theme and issues in entrepreneurship.

To accomplish the explicit goals of the conference, the presentations and activities will be organized well around a broad theme – Towards Developing Entrepreneurship Society – which is designed to introduce participants to the urgent need to create the entrepreneurship environment in the society. The overall theme is designed both to focus enough to add depth to the content of the conference and flexible enough to stimulate each individual participant’s intellectual interests. The sub-themes will be drawn from the economics, management science and business literature discussing in the field of entrepreneurship.

ICE 2008 invites presentations covering the full range of conceptual or practical papers in nature examining technical, sociological, economic/business, technology and legal issues. Any case studies by practitioners are almost welcomed.

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