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IATA Internship Programme 2008

Program: IATA Internship Programme (Website).

Offered By: International Air Transport Association.

Key Dates:
Internships will normally start on fixed start dates to facilitate orientation and integration of the interns into IATA.

Start date: July 1, 2008 Deadline for submissions April 8, 2008
Start date: October 1, 2008 Deadline for submissions July 8, 2008
Start date: January 5, 2009 Deadline for submissions October 31, 2008

For Whom:
Candidates for the IATA Internship Programme should possess the following basic qualifications:

  • University requirements: Undergraduate or postgraduate student (preparing a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or equivalent) within 2 years of graduation. Recent graduates (less than 1 year after graduation) are also eligible for consideration. An attestation of their current status is needed from their University (for work permit)
  • Fields of study: primarily Economics, Law, Political Science, Engineering (particularly Aeronautical Engineering), Business Administration (particularly Aviation/Airline Management), Information Technology. Other areas will be considered based on relevancy to the unique needs of a specific internship
  • Language requirements: Excellent spoken and written English is a minimum requirement for all interns. Fluency in other major languages may be required for some specific internships but is always considered as a plus. Conversational French (the local language in Geneva and Montreal) is highly desirable.

In 2004 IATA has launched a broad initiative to ensure it attracts the very best and brightest university-level students from around the world to serve as student interns. These interns will be exposed to the unique challenges faced by IATA as well as to contribute to our work to support our Members and our industry. The IATA Internship Programme will benefit IATA by injecting talented, innovative and motivated individuals, fresh from academic training yet inexperienced in traditional business practices, into the IATA working environment. The programme is structured to benefit each student entering the programme. Each internship will provide significant opportunities to demonstrate skills in a selected area of IATA as well as provide possibilities for learning and development in an international business environment.

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