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TopCoder-Programming Contest Portal

Suggested By Bharath Kumar A R
TopCoder (Website)

TopCoder has become the major league for programming competitions. It organises Programming contests which range from Algorithms to Softawre designing and development.TopCoder brings members together once a week to compete online (Single Round Match) and twice a year both online and on location (Tournaments). In addition to regular Single Round Matches, TopCoder holds two major multiple-round, elimination tournaments each year. These tournaments span many weeks and include significant prize purses along three independent tracks of competition: algorithm, component design, and component development.

Each Single Round Match offers a fun, time-based, and challenging set of problems that put a developer’s skills to the test. This, coupled with Divisions, offer a more level field of competition for newer members in order to build ratings and move into potential Tournament opportunities.

Design and Development:
Rated TopCoder members are eligible to participate in TopCoder Component Development. Members submit design and development solutions for these challenging and potentially lucrative projects. Winning solutions are rewarded with cash payouts and royalties. For every commercial sale, TopCoder will pay the members who designed and developed the component a percentage of the sale.

The various Competition categories include:

  1. Algorithm
  2. Software Architecture
  3. Softawre Design
  4. Software Development
  5. Software Assembly
  6. Software Testing
  7. Bug Races
  8. Marathon Matches

The upcoming TopCoder Tournaments are:

2008 TopCoder Open- May 11-15, 2008
2008 TopCoder High School- March 14-16, 2008

The Ongoing Marathon Match- Marathon Match 31

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