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RANK and BOLT Awards: Excellence Outside Academics

Suggested by Priya VenkateshanRANK and BOLT Awards

Event: RANK and BOLT Awards (Website)

Organised by: Air India and Deccan Herald

Key Dates:
Deadline for receiving entries: June 30, 2008

The annual Rank and Bolt Awards are designed to recognise excellence outside the field of academics among students and teachers across Karnataka. Hosted jointly by Air India and Deccan Herald, the Rank Award is for students while the Bolt award is for teachers. The objective of the Award is to make responsible citizens and preserve a crumbling environment.

The test of ability for students includes designing a flag for a fictitious country and explaining its significance. Teachers must demonstrate how to make learning meaningful, among other variables of the Award. Participating teachers need to design a curriculum to be adopted by schools and create a plan to actually implement it Moreover, students have to commit to three courses of action towards work, environment, neighbourhood, etc.

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11 Responses

  1. It’s a very educational contest.

  2. Dear Madam,
    I am being selected in the contest at the district level.I am one among the five got selected in the first round I think.
    I hope i will do my best in the interview,
    In general I like this contest which is unique in nature and I am only XI std. student ,SVHSS Udumalpet.
    This all I could say now.
    Thanking you.
    With regards.

  3. dear friends
    i m harshit from faridabad. & i was being selected in the contest at the district level. & i did best in the interview. & hope will selected. i want to say only one thing that its the best effort by air india to educate, motivate and alert people towards our environment and nation.
    with regards

  4. i gave an interview on the 31st of the last month..ie. aug… could someone please help me by telling of how will we be informed bout its results… is there some phne number we could cntct to… and will the students who dnt mke it be informed…

  5. Dear Air Indians,
    I am really happy to say that I am being selected as the state winner of Tamil Nadu. I thank you for encouraging and motivating students like me.Air India has given an opportunity for both students and teachers to go on a trip to Singapore.It is a good awareness campaign for all.
    I thank the air Indians for organizing this award.

    thanking you,
    with regards,

  6. Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations Bharathy!

  8. Hi everyone

    I was selected as one of the award bidder from my school. I was interviewed but could not find the results. Can anyone tell me where can I find the results of BOLT awards 2008.

    Thank you

  9. Dear friends
    It was really a thought-provoking and awakening session I had as I went through the application and I really appreciate the steps Air India authorities are taking in broadening the out look of teachers. It was certainly a self appraisal as well. I did the interview well but I do not know the result yet. I will be very happy to know the outcome.
    Thanking you

  10. Hi everyone at Air india And Dainik jagaran, thanks for selecting me for the district bolt award 2008 i an very happy. What next?

  11. Hi……..i was selected 4 the second level of RANK awards………can someone plz tell me where 2 find the results……..

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