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UNICEF India Internship Programme 2008

Program: UNICEF India Internship Program (Website) UNICEF

Organised By: UNICEF India, New Delhi.

Key Dates:
Application Deadline: January 31, 2008.
Final Selection: March 31, 2008.
Internship Duration: May 28 – August 5 2008.

For Whom:
Applicants should be enrolled in a Masters level graduate programme or a higher degree program, in one of the following disciplines:anthropology, child psychology, demography, economics, education, engineering, human rights, international development, journalism, legal studies, public health, sociology, statistics, rural development, social work, or any other relevant area. Those who have completed their Masters level graduate programmes in 2007 are also eligible to apply. Applicants should have excellent command of English, both written and spoken. Short -listed applicants whose English is not the first language may be subject to a phone interview.

The internship offers an opportunity for research and field work on issues related to child rights in India across a variety of areas: child protection, health, nutrition, education, HIV/AIDS, and water and sanitation. The assignment will involve a combination of desk and field work at the district or village level, with interns being grouped into teams that are based in state capitals and work under the supervision of selected research institutions/non-governmental organizations.

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28 Responses

  1. I Debnath Pal, a student of HUMAN RIGHTS Dept.University of CALCUTTA,want to join this Internship Programme.

  2. Debnath,

    You will find application information at the website mentioned above.

    Good luck.

  3. I am doing my second B.Tech(biotechnology). Am I eligible for this internship program

  4. Karthik,

    As mentioned clearly above: Applicants should be enrolled in a Masters level graduate programme or a higher degree program. I’m afraid you are not eligible.

    We will continue to post information on internships at https://letmeknow.wordpress.com/category/what/internships/

  5. hii
    i am a masters student of international relations. i would like to apply for the internship. could u please tell me whether recommendation letters and transcrips are to be sent along with application or later?

  6. Tuhina,

    My understanding is that the recommendation letters and transcripts are to sent along with the application.

    Good luck

  7. are letters of reccomendation absolutely necessary? what if i send the essay and just my cv. ? where to send these things?

  8. Abanti,

    A letter of recommendation is necessary. With some effort, you should be able to arrange for this.

    You can find other details at http://www.unicef.org/india/Internship_Advertisement_2008-Final.pdf

    Good luck

  9. I am Sajeed who completed the masters in Mass Commununication and Journalism. I would like to know the details like how to apply? Is there any stipends? the qualifications needed? the nature of work? the state or country to work…regards, sajeed

  10. Sajeed,

    The details of the internship, including stipend, can be found at http://www.unicef.org/india/Internship_Advertisement_2008-Final.pdf

    The internships will be in India.

    Good luck.

  11. hi, i am adil from new delhi pursuing mba(health management) from jamia hamdard univ. would like do internship in unicef. Being out of delhi i could not submit the form. can u tell plz tell me any other procedure so that i can acheive my goal.

    with regards.
    adil ahmad

  12. Adil,

    I’m afraid the deadline for this internship has passed.

  13. Thanks for your response.

  14. Hi! I applied for this internship in January and am very interested in it. I didn’t receive any kind of confirmation, however, saying that my application was received or complete, so I was wondering if there is a way to check on it’s status.
    Thanks so much!

  15. hei! did anyone already got contacted by unicef? cheers

  16. Hello everyone! I have applied for this UNICEF internship programme 2008, but unfortunately up until this moment I didn’t receive any information about my candidacy. As far as I remembered, it said on the ads, that the final selection would take place no longer than 31 March 2008. Any advice on this matter? To find out about the application status? Thank you.

  17. @tika
    Please get in touch with the organization providing the Internship. Our aim is to get as many as people to know about the Opportunities available. Any details about the events can be obtained from the corresponding Organization.

  18. hi…when cn i apply next because i have missed it this time?

  19. @Aakanksha
    Good to hear your enthusiasm. Watch out at https://letmeknow.wordpress.com for any such application calls.

  20. hello..i’m doing a PG course in Human Resource Development .Am i eligible to apply?

  21. @Maitrayee
    You are eligible but the Application Deadline for this Internship Programme has passed.

  22. tell me please when can i apply next because i missed this opportunity this year. thanks

  23. hi,
    this is nandini doing my final year B.E..(ENGINEERING) will be completing me degree by may of 2009.. will be enrolling myself by july 2010 for an M.S programme in networks or security stream… please say me if i am eligible!!

  24. Nandini,

    I’m afraid the deadline for this internship ( March 2008 ) has passed. You should be eligible to apply once you matriculate into the MS program.

  25. hello,

    I am studying Human Rights in Calcutta University and would like to apply for the internship programme for 2009. I would like to know the duration of the intern as we also have our 1st year examinations and whether we could choose anytime between the prescribed period.

  26. hello friends
    i am yashpal choudhary and i am doing MBA-rural management from amity noida. i am very much intreseted in unicef internship programme and somebody please help me to enroll for 2009 summer internship .
    thank you very much

  27. i am an mtech biotechnology pursuing student. i have completed my b.tech in biotechnology . am i eligible for unicef internship 2008.

  28. The aaplication deadline for 2008 internship program was January 31, 2008.

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