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TYCOONS 2008 – The Great Leadership Hunt

Suggested by Vikram S

TYCOONSEvent: TYCOONS 08 (Website)

Organised by:
Career Launcher India Ltd

Key Dates:
Date of Commencement: January 9, 2008
Grand Finale: February 16-20, 2008

Tycoons 2008 is a nation-wide, personality-centric event to select future business barons of the country. Tycoons is a one of its kind initiative from Career Launcher, which has been the national leader in the knowledge sector over the last decade. Since its inception in 1995, it has been CL’s constant endeavor to create platforms for future leaders and offer them opportunities to interact with one another and enhance their own skills.

Tycoons 2008 is a slugfest comprising students from the best campuses across the country. It is a test of their all-round skills: intellect, organizing skills, team-work, communication skills, etc. Tycoons is the grandest on-campus event that would cater to over 5,00,000 students across 100 cities in 2000 colleges. It will reach out to students from every sphere of education and every part of the country.

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3 Responses

  1. i would like to know about the various events that will be organized in the city finale of Tycoons’08 at Hyderabad on 9th of feb.!
    (in terms of the competitions that are going to be held like debate,elocution,etc..)

    i would be very thankful if u provide me the details!

  2. Hi Ashish.

    The city finals will have a quiz and extempore. Each of these will be elimination rounds. All the best!

    Career Launcher

  3. hey cn u tell me wat is the micro presentation they r talkin abt in the regional finals???

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