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The J.N.Tata Endowment Scholarships 2008-2009

Program: The J.N.Tata Endowment Scholarships 2008-2009 (Website)JN Tata

Offered By: J.N. Tata Endowment

Key Dates:
Application Deadline: February 15, 2008

For What:
Loan scholarship for pursuing higher studies at the best universities in the world

For Whom:
Indian nationals who are graduates of a recognised Indian university or students in the final year of degree course or mid-career professionals planning to go abroad for further research, specialisation or training

About the award:

The J.N Tata Endowment has been helping scholars of merit to realize their dreams of a world class education through its loan scholarship program. The scholarships are awarded for higher studies abroad in all disciplines and subjects. Annually, the Endowment selects around 120 meritorious scholars through a rigorous selection process, for the award of the prestigious JN Tata Endowment scholarships for higher studies abroad. Over the years several JN Tata scholars have distinguished themselves in various walks of life.

The Endowment awards only loan scholarships. However, the selected scholars may also qualify for a gift award. The amount to be awarded to each scholar by way of loan and gift scholarship is determined on the basis of norms laid down for the purpose, and ranges from Rs 0.1 million (1 lakh) to Rs 0.4 million (4 lakhs)

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11 Responses

  1. Please provide me any online link from where i can download application for applying for the scholarship

  2. The application form is not available online.

    Prescribed application forms will be available from the Administrative Office of the Endowment at Mulla House, 51 M.G. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 from December 3, 2007 to January 31, 2008. The application fee of Rs.100/- can be paid in cash or by a Money Order on which the full name and address is to be mentioned to enable the Endowment to send the form.
    Completed application forms should reach the office of the Endowment not later than February 15, 2008.

  3. I am staying in Bangalore currently , are the applications available only in Mumbai ? .

  4. Yes, you will need to write to them.

  5. I have get admission for Masters in Agribusiness from Texas A & M university.
    Sir will i be eligible for this scholarship?
    I have come to know about this scholarship today only.
    I already got us visa.
    I am from middle class farmer’s family & I have not get any type of assistantship from the university.
    I really need this scholorship.
    Sir will u please help me?

  6. Atul – I’m afraid the application deadline for this loan scholarship ( February 15, 2008 ) has passed.

    We hope you will be able to locate an alternative source of support for your important work.

  7. thank you Sir

  8. Sir, i had received the scholarship last yr i.e 2007-08.
    I would like to know when the forms for educational grants will be available on line? and when is the last date to submit the forms for the yr 2008-09.

  9. plz inform me about the details of application , so that i can apply for the year 2009.when it is announced? shall i have to make application by surface mail only

  10. anyone will please give me a link of application form for scholarship for 2008-2009.for JRD tata

  11. The applications for year 2008-09 are closed. Watch out for new announcements on the same @ https://letmeknow.wordpress.com/

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