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IIM Lucknow Manfest

Event: Manfest 2008 (Website)

Organised By: IIM-Lucknow

Key Dates: January 11-13, 2008

It’s the time and age where potential roams senseless; customs and habits have become the order of the day. Structure and intelligence dissipate away leading to a state of digress and it is indeed the opportunity to throw caution to the powers that govern our thoughts and think beyond. A call is out for those exceptional few who mobilize minds and lead the senses away to horizons unheard of transforming thoughts to their justified pinnacle.

Manfest promises something for: The Budding Entrepreneur, The I-Banker, The College Band, The Marketing man, The entertainment seeker. That’s Right, Everyone! Talks and debates by the leaders that you idolize at Leader’s Express, ‘NextCEO: Search For a Leader in the making’, ‘Treatise: The International Thought Challenge’ & ‘Call for Arms: The Battle of B-Schools’ are events that excite to name a few. Besides events in every functional area, the conclave also boasts of informal games, performances by well known bands along with a high profile rock competition promising everyone a good time.

Manfest, scheduled from January 11-13, 2008 at the IIM Lucknow campus, brings to you a plethora of events, interactive sessions and discussions centered around topics that has a bearing on times to come.

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SpringFest 2008: IIT Kharagpur Cul-Fest

SpringFestEvent: SpringFest 2008 (Website)

Organised by: Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur

Key Dates:
Fest: January 24-27, 2008

Spring brings to mind images of charming weather, beautiful sunsets, blooming flowers and loads of fun. IIT Kharagpur celebrates spring in all its wondrous hues with four nights and three days of absolute enjoyment called SpringFest. Step into this wonderland from Jan 24-27, 2008 and life will never be the same again. Pronites, rockshows, competitions, workshops, media coverage and amazing prizes..

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