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Saadhana 08 | Technical Fest- School of Mechanical and Building Sciences, VIT

Suggested by Aditya DonepudiSaadhana

Event: Saadhana ’08 (Website)

Organised By: School of Mechanical and Building Sciences, VIT

Key Dates:
Fest: September 26-27, 2008 

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I-Fest 2008- Technical Fest, Institute of Technology, Nirma University

Event: I-Fest 2008 (Website)I-Fest

Organised By: ISTE Students Chapter, Institute of Technology, Nirma University

Key Dates:
Fest: September 19-20, 2008
Deadline for Submission of Papers and Abstracts: September 6, 2008
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Techtatva 2008- Technical Fest, MIT Manipal

Suggested by ShubhendraTechtatva

Event: Techtatva (Website)

Organised By: Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

Key Dates:

Fest: October 8-11, 2008
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Mind Spark 2008- Technical Fest

Mind Spark 2008 Mind Spark

Organised by: College Of Engineering, Pune

Key Dates:
Fest: October 2-4, 2008
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Aaruush 2008: Technical Fest, SRM University

Suggested by Anirban Chowdhury

Event: Aaruush 2008. Aaruush 2008

Organised By: SRM University

Key Dates:
Fest: September 10-13, 2008
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Axis ’08- Annual Technical Fest, VNIT Nagpur

Event: Axis 2008- Technical Fest (Website)Axis 2008

Organised By: VNIT, Nagpur

Key Dates:
Fest: September 26-28, 2008
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Techniche 2008- Annual Techno-Management Fest- IITG

Event: Techniche 2008 (Website)Techniche 2008

Organised by: Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Key Dates:

Fest Dates: September 5-7, 2008
Deadline for Submissions for Business Guru: August 7, 2008
Techscribe Deadline: August 5, 2008

Registrations for all the Events have started
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Techie Kaun?? Techno-Managerial festival

Event: TechieKaun?? 2008 (Website)TechieKaun 2008

Organised By: Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology

Key Dates:
Fest: August 1-2, 2008

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TechCamp- A Directi Initiative

TechCamp (Website) – A Directi initiative

TechCamp is a community fostering, knowledge sharing initiative from their side. Under the TechCamp banner they organize technology events, codefests, workshops, activity sessions, training sessions and much more. TechCamp events are organized by the community for the community. The events are open to public, and 100% techie.
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International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CASCON) – 2008

Event: International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CASCON) (WebLink)

Call for Papers: CASCON 2008 (WebLink)CASCON-08

Organised By:
IBM Toronto Software Laboratory, IBM Centers for Advanced Studies

Computing for Next Generation Systems

Key Dates:
For Paper Presentation-
Abstracts for technical papers due: May 5, 2008
Deadline for Submission of Full Papers: May 26, 2008
Acceptance notification to technical paper authors: July 21, 2008
Conference Dates: October 27-30, 2008

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WIDER-MERIT Research Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Technological Innovation, and Development

Event: WIDER-MERIT Research Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Technological Innovation, and Development (Website)UNU

Organised By: UNU-WIDER and UNU-MERIT of the United Nations University (UNU)

Key Dates:
Submissions of paper abstracts before- May 30, 2008
Accepted papers are required by- September 22, 2008
Event Dates: October 30-31, 2008

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8th Mile- The Techno-Cultural Fest, RVCE

Event: 8th MILE (Website)8th Mile

Organized By: R V College of Engineering, Bangalore

Key Dates:
Fest: March 28-30, 2008
Deadline to register for Championship events: March 25, 2008

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JAX India 2008: Enterprise Conference in India

Event: JAX India 2008 (Website)JAX India

Organized By: S&S Media (India)

Key Dates:
JAX India 2008 Conference: April 8-11, 2008

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Convergence ’08: Research Workshop

Suggested By Ashwin Bhat

Event: Convergence ’08 (Website)Convergence

Organized By:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay and VMware

Venue: F.C.Kohli Auditorium, 1st floor, Kanwal Rekhi Building, IIT Bombay

Key Dates:
Workshop Date: March 15-16, 2008
Registration Deadline: March 12, 2008

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Literati ’08: Technical Fest, NIT Kurukshetra

Event: Literati ’08 (Website)literati

Organized By: NIT, Kurukshetra

Key Dates:
Fest: March 28-30, 2008

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Nimbus 2008: Technical Fest, NIT Hamirpur

Event: Nimbus 2008 (Website)Nimbus '08

Organized By: NIT, Hamirpur

Key Dates:
Fest: March 13-16, 2008

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Cognizance ’08: Technical Fest, IIT Roorkee

Event: Cognizance ’08 (Website)Cognizance '08

Organised By: Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Key Dates:
Fest: March 28-30, 2008
Submission of Executive Summary for Corpostrat’08: February 20,2008
Submission of Business Plan: March 8,2008

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Abacus 2k8: Technical Fest, CEG

Event: Abacus2k8 Technical Fest (Website)Abacus

Organized by: Dept of Computer Science, CEG, Anna University

Key Dates:
Abstract submission Deadline: February 29,2008
Event Date: March 7-8, 2008

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Mindbend’08: Tech Fest-SVNIT, Surat

Event: Mindbend ’08 (Website)
Mindbender '08
Organized By: SVNIT, Surat

Key Dates:
Fest Dates: March 29-31, 2008

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Troika 2008: Tech Fest, DCE

Suggested By Satyajeet SinghTroika '08Event: Troika ‘08 (Website)

Organized by: Delhi College of Engineering, IEEE Student Branch

Key Dates:
Fest Dates: February 19-23, 2008
Deadline for the Submission of Paper Presentation: February 10, 2008

TROIKA-08 promises to captivate one and all with its brain teasing and innovative challenges. The usual mind benders have been inherited from its predecessors; but here lies the catch, TROIKA-08 will be far more challenging; and standards achieved this time will be unprecedented. Along with events like Technovision, Radix, Brainwave, Bits And Bytes, Mercury, DesignPro. It also has a special event known as SPAC (Students Professional Awareness Conference) that will provide an interface between students and industry, and will attempt to bridge the gap between a graduate engineer and professional technologist.Be a part of this encounter, live your dream, master the technology, let the artist within you create a master piece.

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